Emilie Durieux

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From lidar signals detected with a shot per shot differential absorption lidar instrument tuned for tropospheric ozone measurements and recording each individual return, we reconstruct histograms of their sampled values for each channel of our digitizers. The analysis of their shape permits the correction of our measurements for experimental biases. In(More)
The consistent involvement of the region 12q13-q15 in numerous human tumors speaks in favor of the presence of genes that may contribute to oncogenesis. Mapping genes within this region of chromosome 12 is a necessary step toward the identification of those that play a role in this process. We have undertaken a multiplex analysis using translocation(More)
New N,N'-bis(5-arylidene-4-oxo-4,5-dihydrothiazoline-2-yl)diamine derivatives 5 were prepared in two steps from rhodanine and piperazine, or 1,4-bis(3-amino-propyl)piperazine, under microwave reaction conditions with retention of configuration. Some of these compounds were tested for in vitro antiproliferative activities and for their kinase inhibitory(More)
Characteristic chromosome abnormalities and karyotype profiles are emerging for the soft tissue tumors. The notable findings are summarized in the Table 1. Within the broad range of solid tumors, it is certainly the soft tissue tumors in which the most spectacular success has occurred with regard to neoplasia-associated chromosome abnormalities. Cytogenetic(More)
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