Emilie Asbury

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Following a cortical injury, neurons in areas near and connected to the site of injury begin to degenerate. The observed neuronal death may contribute to the severity of the observed behavioral impairments. The purpose of the present study was to examine if progesterone, a hormone known for its effectiveness at reducing cerebral edema, could protect against(More)
The rat medial prefrontal cortex (PFC) is believed to play a central role in working memory and selective attention processes. More recently, it has been shown that the effects of large PFC lesions on working memory may be due to the prelimbic area of the PFC. The aim of the present study was to compare the effects of lesions of the prelimbic area with PFC(More)
Critical-sized long bone defects suffer from complications including impaired healing and non-union due to substandard healing and integration of devitalized bone allograft. Removal of the periosteum contributes to the limited healing of bone allografts. Restoring a periosteum on bone allografts may provide improved allograft healing and integration. This(More)
Rats were trained on a four-way shuttle box with a compound light-tone conditioned stimulus (CS) until they emitted 7 avoidance responses in 10 trials (7/10) prior to bilateral ablation of the visual cortex or sham surgery. On Day 5 after surgery, rats were cued with either the compound light-tone CS, the light or tone portion of the CS only, or had no(More)
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