Emiliano de Oliveira Barreto

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Mast cells are pivotal secretory cells primarily implicated in allergen-evoked inflammatory responses and are downregulated following experimental chemical diabetes. Here we tested the hypothesis that a decrease in the number and reactivity of mast cells would account for the hyporesponsiveness of diabetic rats to allergen-induced inflammation. We found(More)
Guanylhydrazones have shown promising antitumor activity in preclinical tumor models in several studies. In this study, we aimed at evaluating the cytotoxic effect of a series of synthetic guanylhydrazones. Different human tumor cell lines, by including HCT-8 (colon carcinoma), MDA-MB-435 (melanoma) and SF-295 (glioblastoma) were continuous exposed to(More)
Recent work shows that at least two cycles of antigen challenge applied in a 7-day interval are required to yield tissue eosinophil accumulation in IgE-passively sensitized rats. Since interleukin (IL)-13 is widely regarded as a key mediator in eosinophilic responses associated with mast cells and IgE, we investigated whether this cytokine could replace the(More)
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