Emiliano Sparacino

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This work concerns the development and calibration of several classes of mathematical models describing ecological and bio-geochemical aspects of aquatic systems. We focus our experimental analysis on the Serra da Mesa lake in Brazil, from which the biological information is extracted by real online measurements provided by the SIMA monitoring program of(More)
A research project has been carried out to develop a client server application which supplies the general practitioner (GP) with a 'personal digital assistant' (hand-held mobile computer) to connect to Web servers at a hospital site through the Internet. This allows the doctor to book medical examinations, hospital admissions and manage patient data. The(More)
We propose a 2D ecological model of phytoplankton dynamics accounting for the distribution and the evolution of algae in a large basin located in the Amazonian region. The model is described by a set of reaction-drift-diffusion equations and is driven by several exogenous inputs, such as wind velocity and direction, water temperature and solar radiation.(More)
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