Emiliano Sánchez López

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Ergotism is a clinical condition known since old times and whose main characteristics are ischemia and even limb gangrene. Some drugs have the capacity of interacting with small amounts of ergotamine or its derivatives producing ergotism as a side effect. This is the case of ritonavir, a widely used anti-HIV drug. Here we present a case of ergotism that(More)
Background The impact of tele-education for movement disorders on medical students is unknown. The present study had three objectives. First, to create a tele-education program for medical students in regions with limited access to movement disorders curricula. Second, to analyze the feasibility, satisfaction, and improvement of medical knowledge. Third, to(More)
Quantitative or algorithmic trading is the automatization of investments decisions obeying a fixed or dynamic sets of rules to determine trading orders. It has increasingly made its way up to 70% of the trading volume of one of the biggest financial markets such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). However, there is not a significant amount of academic(More)
The evaluation of reservoirs with mixed mineralogy and formations containing primary and secondary porosity presents several challenges in the San Jorge Gulf Basin of Argentina. Throughout the formations of the San Jorge Gulf Basin, we observe striking differences in Rw values. We also encounter the presence of volcanic materials, a wide range of oil(More)
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