Emiliano Pérez Ipiña

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Diffusion is one of the main transport processes that occur inside cells determining the spatial and time distribution of relevant action molecules. In most cases these molecules not only diffuse but also interact with others as they get transported. When these interactions occur faster than diffusion the resulting transport can be characterized by(More)
Transient and highly regulated elevations of cytosolic Ca2+ control a variety of cellular processes. Bulk measurements using radioactive Ca2+ and the luminescent sensor aequorin have shown that in response to pheromone, budding yeast cells undergo a rise of cytosolic Ca2+ that is mediated by two import systems composed of the Mid1-Cch1-Ecm7 protein complex(More)
During early development, the establishment of gradients of transcriptional factors determines the patterning of cell fates. The case of Bicoid (Bcd) in Drosophila melanogaster embryos is well documented and studied. There are still controversies as to whether SDD models in which Bcd is Synthesized at one end, then Diffuses and is Degraded can explain the(More)
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