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Complexity, Institutions and Public Policy: Agile Decision-Making in a Turbulent World
ces, and through a more reflexive sorting of emic and etic categories, it also enters into a strangely ambiguous if not ambivalent relationship with the material and cultural dynamics of social life.Expand
The struggle for recognition of normative powers: Normative power Europe and normative power China in context
Who or what is a normative power? In response to this query the article suggests that normative powers are those actors that are recognized as such by others. This qualifies Ian Manners’s oft-quotedExpand
The fifth debate and the emergence of complex international relations theory: notes on the application of complexity theory to the study of international life
The climate of post-Cold-War interactions remains uncertain. Rather than a transitory stage, the resilience of the pervasive randomness of international life has challenged the dominant frameworksExpand
Partnership or Rivalry between the EU, China and India in Central Asia: The Normative Power of Regional Actors with Global Aspirations
This analysis undertakes a preliminary conceptual assessment of the international agency of the EU, India and China in Central Asia. The contention is that the strategies advanced by Brussels, NewExpand
Encounters with World Affairs: An Introduction to International Relations
Contents Prologue Observing and encountering global life - Emilian Kavalski Part I: Perspectives and frameworks Chapter 1 The history of global politics - Kevin Marsh Chapter 2 Theories of worldExpand
The Ashgate Research Companion to Chinese Foreign Policy
Contents: Introduction: engaging China's foreign policy, Emilian Kavalski Part I Historical and Analytical Perspectives on China's Foreign Policy: In quest of independence: an unchanging paradigm ofExpand
Complexity and Public Policy: A New Approach to 21st Century Politics, Policy and Society – By Robert Geyer and Samir Rihani
The Truth about Trade is a blistering critique of the prevailing neo-liberal narrative regarding the benefits of trade liberalisation, written from the perspective of an economist involved inExpand
From the Cold War to Global Warming: Observing Complexity in IR
Few international relations (IR) experts will challenge the profound effects that environmental degradation has on the relationship between human and non-human systems and on their ability toExpand