Emilia Urbanek

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1. In pithed rats, the blood pressure effects of ATP, alpha,beta-methylene ATP (mATP), alpha-adrenoreceptor agonists and of electrical stimulation of the thoracolumbar sympathetic outflow were studied in the absence and presence of mATP, suramin and adrenoreceptor antagonists. 2. ATP elicited an initial rise in mean blood pressure followed by a decrease and(More)
The influence of previous pharmacotherapy or intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation (with thiamine infusion) on the effectiveness of reperfusion of the left anterior descending (LAD) coronary artery after 150 minutes of occlusion has been studied in dogs. The infarct size was determined by morphometric method 20 hours after the onset of ischaemia.(More)
The dose-response curve for the vasopressor effect of alpha, beta-methylene ATP in pithed rats was influenced by four suramin-related drugs (each at 100 mumol/kg). The curve was shifted to the right by a factor of 8 by 'compound 3' and by a factor of 2 by two other derivatives, but was not affected by the fourth analogue. Compound 3 had no effect on the(More)
Hemodynamic analysis was carried out during long-term experiments with the pneumatic total artificial hearts TNS-BRNO-II and TNS-BRNO-III to determine standard methods of starting artificial hearts and criteria for their long-term operation in vivo. In long-term experiments, regulatory mechanisms automatically regulating the systole length and diastolic(More)
The trials were made to assess the effect of FCOL (9-alpha-fluorocortisol + Na2HPO4) and the effect of K and Mg asparaginates and their mixtures on the modifications of Ca2+, Na+, and K+ ions and of the K/Na ratio in the myocardium of rats not irradiated or submitted to permanent whole-body irradiation (gamma irradiation with 0.57 Gy per day during 25 days,(More)
The progress in the methods and techniques for surgical implantation of the TAH has progressed in parallel with the technology and design of the cardiac prosthesis. During the period from December 1974 to May 1982 the authors performed altogether 75 orthotopic implantations of eight types of TAH in calves. The Soviet TAH type KEDR I-III was implanted in 26(More)