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Citropin 1.1 is a basic, highly hydrophobic, 16-amino acid peptide (GLFDVIKKVASVIGGL-NH(2)), displaying wide-spectrum antimicrobial activities. In this paper we describe the synthesis and(More)
Membrane proteins represent about a third of the gene products in most organisms, as revealed by the genome sequencing projects. They account for up to two thirds of known drugable targets, which(More)
The beta-amyloid (Abeta) is the major peptide constituent of neuritic plaques in Alzheimer's disease, and its aggregation is believed to play a central role in the pathogenesis of the disease.(More)
Deamination of vasopressin (AVP) enhances its antidiuretic activity. Moreover, introduction of D-Arg8 instead of its L enantiomer in deamino-vasopressin (dAVP) results in an extremely potent and(More)