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Two-dimensional Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is widely accepted and commonly used in the field of experimental mechanics as a practical and effective tool for quantitative inplane deformation measurement of an object surface. Cross-Correlation and Least Square Matching are the two most popular techniques for the extraction of image correspondences based(More)
In this paper is proposed an algorithm of prediction fuzzy for chaotic time series. This approach has been select because, in presence of specific pathologies, biomedical data may be represented as a chaotic time series [1]. In particular, we are interested in monitoring the intracranial pressure (IP) of some patients in a state of coma who were suffering(More)
The demands of statistical investigations in measurements inspired the remarkable development of probabilistic methods [1]. However, the probability theory didn't prove to be fully adequate for all types of uncertainty. Probability theory is excellent if the ambiguity is to be modelled, but its attempts to describe vagueness is quite inconsistent with(More)
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