Emilia Palumbo

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Incubation of purified protein kinase C with H2O2 results in the generation of a persistently activated form of the enzyme which is no longer dependent on Ca2+ or lipid cofactors. This oxidative activation of purified protein kinase C requires added Fe2+ in the incubation medium. Treatment of the soluble fraction of hippocampal homogenates with H2O2 also(More)
The therapeutic landscape of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) has changed dramatically in the last decade (1). In particular, the availability of imatinib mesylate, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) targeting BCR–ABL, has led to profound and durable remissions in the majority of patients. However, a significant proportion of patients either present with(More)
Methods We studied the population of the South Vesuvian area of Naples (Italy). It comprises eight Sanitary Districts and a total resident population of 558.939 as reported on January 2012 according to ISTAT (Istituto nazionale di STATistica, National Institute of Statistics); 271.039 were males (M) and 287.900 females (F). Each pharmaceutical service has a(More)
1 Department of Pharmacy at the ASL Naples 3, Ercolano, Italy 2 Department of Pharmacy at the ASL Naples 3, Nola, Italy 3 Pharmacist at the ASL Naples 1 Center, Naples, Italy 4 Department of Colorectal Oncology at the National Cancer Institute, “G. Pascale” Foundation, Naples, Italy 5 Professional Nurse, Department of Pharmacy at the ASL Naples 3, Ercolano,(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to determine how specialists in paediatric infectious diseases (PIDs) manage children with suspected Lyme disease (LD) by comparing their approaches in Italian endemic and non-endemic areas. A cross-sectional survey of the PID specialists participating in the Italian Society for Pediatric Infectious Disease (SITIP)(More)
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