Emilia Nowak

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In this work, we resolved several seemingly conflicting experimental observations regarding temperature dependence of oxide breakdown in the context of change of voltage acceleration factors with reducing voltages. It is found that voltage acceleration factor is temperature dependent at a fixed voltage while voltage acceleration factors are temperature(More)
This work focuses on the study of bulk flows accompanying the coalescence of two aqueous drops, one containing surfactant and the other surfactant-free, in silicone oils of various viscosities. It is observed that the surfactant-free drop intrudes into the surfactant-laden drop in the form of a penetrating jet whose speed increases and average radius(More)
The results of an experimental study on thinning and breakage of liquid bridges during detachment of a drop from the tip of a capillary are presented for a series of surfactant solutions (including cationic, anionic, and nonionic surfactants) over a broad range of molecular masses, values of critical micelle concentration, and concentrations. The used(More)
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