Emilia Luotoniemi

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OBJECTIVE Aromatase inhibitors, blockers of oestrogen biosynthesis, have emerged as a new potential treatment modality for boys with short stature. The cognitive effects of such therapy are unknown. In this study, we explored the effects of aromatase inhibition on cognitive performance in peripubertal boys. DESIGN Prospective, double-blind, randomised,(More)
A relationship between phonological short-term memory tasks (e.g., nonword repetition, digit span) and vocabulary learning in both experimental and real-life conditions has been reported in numerous studies. A mechanism that would explain this correlation is, however, not known. The present study explores the possibility that it is the quality of(More)
Immediate recall of phonemes was studied in a pseudoword span task. Finnish participants recalled lists of increasing length, consisting of C(consonant)V(vowel)CVCV pseudowords. The lists were made up from pools of 12 pseudowords. There were three types of lists. In the non-redundant lists the items were unpredictable combinations of consonants and vowels.(More)
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