Emilia Kacprzak

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The vast amount of data on the web presents a growing need to advance data search. Rich and meaningful metadata can enhance the discovery of datasets and establish connections between them. Where metadata is not comprehensive, it can be expanded through dataset profiling. The relative importance of different types of profiles varies depending on the user’s(More)
Structured data such as databases, spreadsheets and web tables is becoming critical in every domain and professional role. Yet we still do not know much about how people interact with it. Our research focuses on the information seeking behaviour of people looking for new sources of structured data online, including the task context in which the data will be(More)
The current transformation of Polish economy towards free market compels a rational management of resources and more effective instruments for the cost-benefit control in small enterprises. One of the most important areas of activities in small enterprises is the promotion of medical prevention at the workplace. Employers are committed to ensure that all(More)
The effect if different factors on the quality of documentation on medical prophylactic examinations in occupational health services is presented. Following the binding legal regulations, the tools (forms and application software) for evaluating the quality of documentation by regional specialists has been developed. The medical documentation has been kept(More)
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