Emilia Jankowska

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Seagrasses and associated macrophytes are important components of coastal systems as ecosystem engineers, habitat formers, and providers of food and shelter for other organisms. The positive impacts of seagrass vegetation on zoobenthic abundance and diversity (as compared to bare sands) are well documented, but only in surveys performed in summer, which is(More)
This study presents the first report on bacterial communities in the sediments of eelgrass (Zostera marina) meadows in the shallow southern Baltic Sea (Puck Bay). Total bacterial cell numbers (TBNs) and bacteria biomass (BBM) assessed with the use of epifluorescence microscope and Norland's formula were compared between bare and vegetated sediments at two(More)
The study was aimed at a comparison of the results of the reaction time for single (light or sound) and double stimuli (simultaneous emission of light and sound) in machine operators. The studies were carried out under laboratory conditions and in the working environment. The obtained data proved that underground, under specific copper mine conditions,(More)
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