Emilia García-Martínez

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Compounds in which N-phenylpiperazines were linked by a propyloxy chain to position 6 or 7 of a coumarin ring were designed and synthesised, and their affinities for 5-HT(1A) and D(2A) receptors were determined by radioligand binding assays. The influence of para substitution in the phenyl ring, substitution at position 4 of the coumarin system, and the(More)
The compound [2bpytmH](2)[I(3)](2)[I(2)], which contains protonated 2bpytm, and four neutral monomeric complexes [CoCl(2)(2bpytm)]·H(2)O (1), [CoBr(2)(2bpytm)] (2), [CoI(2)(2bpytm)]·1/2H(2)O (3) and [NiBr(2)(2bpytm)]·H(2)O (4) have been obtained during a study into the reactivity of the bis(2-pyridylthio)methane (2bpytm) ligand towards cobalt(II) and(More)
The reaction of [ReX(CO)5] with thiosemicarbazones H2L(R) derived from beta-keto esters (X = Cl, Br; R = Me, Ph) allowed the isolation of cyclic trimeric complexes [Re3(pyz(R))3(CO)9], where pyz(R) is the pyrazolonate corresponding to the thiosemicarbazone. Electron spray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (ESI-FTICR-MS)(More)
The reactions of methylacetoacetate and ethyl 2-methylacetoacetate thiosemicarbazones (H(2)L(A) and H(2)L(B), respectively) with [ReX(CO)(5)] and [ReX(CO)(3)(CH(3)CN)(2)] (X = Cl, Br) were explored under various experimental conditions. Besides the adducts fac-[ReX(CO)(3)(H(2)L)], in which the rhenium is coordinated to three carbonyl groups, the X anion,(More)
Fruits are widely revered for their micronutrient properties. They serve as a primary source of vitamins and minerals as well as of natural phytonutrients with antioxidant properties. Jam constitutes an interesting way to preserve fruit. Traditionally, this product is obtained by intense heat treatment that may cause irreversible loss of these bioactive(More)
The versatile coordination chemistry of bis(pyrimidin-2-ylthio)methane (bptm) allows the synthesis of a series of different metal complexes with diverse structures. We describe here the synthesis and structural characterization of three kinds of compounds: four cyclic dimers, [Co(2)Cl(4)(bptm)(2)] (1), [Zn(2)I(4)(bptm)(2)] (2), [Cd(2)I(4)(bptm)(2)] (3),(More)
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