Emilia Fridman

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Output regulation of retarded type nonlinear systems is considered. Regulator equations are derived, which generalize Francis–Byrnes–Isidori equations to the case of systems with delay. It is shown that, under standard assumptions, the regulator problem is solvable if and only if these equations are solvable. In the linear case, the solution of these(More)
A new (descriptor) model transformation and a corresponding Lyapunov–Krasovskii functional are introduced for stability analysis of systems with delays. Delay-dependent=delay-independent stability criteria are derived for linear retarded and neutral type systems with discrete and distributed delays. Conditions are given in terms of linear matrix(More)
The output-feedback control problem is solved for continuous-time, linear, retarded and neutral type systems. A delay-dependent solution is obtained in terms of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) by using a descriptor model transformation of the system and by applying Park’s inequality for bounding cross terms. A state-feedback solution is derived for(More)
In this note, we combine a new approach for linear timedelay systems based on a descriptor representation with a recent result on bounding of cross products of vectors. A delay-dependent criterion for determining the stability of systems with time-varying delays is obtained. This criterion is used to derive an efficient stabilizing state-feedback design(More)
This paper considers sampled-data control of linear systems under uncertain sampling with the known upper bound on the sampling intervals. Recently a discontinuous Lyapunov function method was introduced by using impulsive system representation of the sampled-data systems (Naghshtabrizi, Hespanha, & Teel, 2008). The latter method improved the existing(More)
A new approach to robust sampled-data control is introduced. The system is modelled as a continuous-time one, where the control input has a piecewise-continuous delay. Sufficient linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) conditions for sampled-data state-feedback stabilization of such systems are derived via descriptor approach to time-delay systems. The only(More)
For continuous-time, linear descriptor system with state-delay a H∞-control problem is solved. Sufficient conditions for delay-dependent/delay-independent stability and L2-gain analysis are obtained in terms of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs). A bounded real lemma and state-feedback solutions are derived for systems which may contain polytopic parameter(More)
The Lyapunov second method is developed for linear coupled systems of delay differential and functional equations. By conventional approaches such equations may be reduced to the neutral systems and the known results for the latter may be exploited. In the present paper we introduce a new approach by constructing a Lyapunov–Krasovskii functional that(More)
Stability and L2 (l2)-gain of linear (continuous-time and discrete-time) systems with uncertain bounded time-varying delays are analyzed under the assumption that the nominal delay values are not equal to zero. The delay derivatives (in the continuous-time) are not assumed to be less than q < 1. An input–output approach is applied by introducing a new(More)