Emilia Della Pietra

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Porphyrin TMPyP4 (P4) and its C14H28-alkyl derivative (C14) are G-quadruplex binders and singlet oxygen (1O2) generators. In contrast, TMPyP2 (P2) produces 1O2 but it is not a G-quadruplex binder. As their photosensitizing activity is currently undefined, we report in this study their efficacy against a melanoma skin tumour and describe an in vitro(More)
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) against cancer has gained attention due to the successful outcome in some cancers, particularly those on the skin. However, there have been limitations to PDT applications in deep cancers and, occasionally, PDT treatment resulted in tumor recurrence. A better understanding of the underlying molecular mechanisms of PDT-induced(More)
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