Emilia Cappelli

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UNLABELLED Postoperative pain control after cesarean delivery under spinal anesthesia is effectively obtained with morphine 0.1-0.3 mg intrathecally, although there may be dose-dependent side effects. We evaluated the quality of analgesia and the incidence of side effects with smaller doses of intrathecal morphine combined with intramuscular (i.m.)(More)
HfC-based materials are promising composites for application as solar absorbers. Being a ceramic with some metallic character, HfC shows intrinsic spectral selectivity, but quite a high reflectance at the wavelengths of the Sun spectrum. In this work, a femtosecond laser treatment has been specifically tailored to increase the solar absorbance of a(More)
Thin films of boron nitride have been obtained by reactive pulsed laser ablation of a boron target in the presence of a 13.56 MHz radio frequency nitrogen plasma. The films have been deposited at several substrate temperatures, using the on-axis configuration, on WC–Co cutting tools, after Co removal by chemical etching (HClyHNO or HFyHNO ). Diamond(More)
Single-crystal diamond Schottky photodiodes have been developed following a WC–diamond–TiC/Ti/Ag vertical structure for X-ray dosimetry with characteristics of low leakage current and the capability of zero-bias operations. Continuous and modulated X-ray measurements show that the devices developed provide a linear response to dose rate at low(More)
The aim of this paper is to report on the tailoring of the physical properties of polycrystalline CVD diamond in order to fulfil the requirements of radiotherapy dosimeters. A very simple device geometry has been used to study the electronic response of the polycrystalline CVD layers and results achieved with a 6 MV bremsstrahlung X-ray beam delivered by a(More)