Emilia Bruno

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In this paper, the problem of finding optimal paths in mobile ad hoc networks is addressed. More specifically, a novel bicriteria optimization model, which allows the energy consumption and the link stability of mobile nodes to be taken into account simultaneously, is presented. In order to evaluate the validity of the proposed model, a greedy approach is(More)
This letter presents a novel analytical framework that jointly accounts the energy consumption and the link stability of mobile nodes. Two indexes for energy and link-lifetime are defined and a multiobjective integer linear programming problem has been defined. The proposed target function separates the energy and the link-stability contributions in order(More)
Information fusion, especially for high dimensional multimedia data, is still an open research problem. In this article, we present a new approach to target this problem. Feature information interaction is an information-theoretic dependence measure that can determine synergy and redundancy between attributes, which then can be exploited with feature(More)
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