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Current research in developing negotiation support systems focuses upon argumentation, artificial intelligence and game theory. These techniques are rarely used in tandem. We argue that truly intelligent negotiation support systems require the integration of such techniques. We integrate the argumentation techniques of Lodder and the combined artificial(More)
Negotiation Support Systems have traditionally modelled the process of negotiation. They often rely on mathematical optimisation techniques and ignore heuristics and other methods derived from practice. Our goal is to develop systems capable of decision support to help resolve a given dispute. A system we have constructed, Family_Winner, uses empirical(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper provides a review of EHR (electronic health record) implementations around the world and reports on findings including benefits and issues associated with EHR implementation. MATERIALS AND METHODS A systematic literature review was conducted from peer-reviewed scholarly journal publications from the last 10 years (2001-2011). The(More)
Negotiation, is in general very context sensitive. Since our research laboratory has successfully developed decision support systems in Australian Family Law, we have used our domain expertise to construct a variety of Family Law negotiation support systems. Family Winner uses a variety of artificial intelligence and game theoretic techniques to advise upon(More)
Negotiation Support Systems (NSS) have traditionally supported the process of negotiation rather than modeled the decision-making aspects of the problem. A Negotiation Decision Support System is similar to a traditional NSS, but introduces an element of decision support by proposing offers or compromises. The decision support aspect can be improved through(More)
Most dispute resolution is settled by negotiation rather than litigation. However, such bargaining often occurs in the shadow of the law. To help support interest-based negotiation, we explore the use of utility functions to support negotiation analysis. We discuss in detail a utility function we have developed in the area of family-law mediation. This(More)