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Shi drum specimens were maintained under four different photoperiod regimes: a natural photoperiod regime (16L:8D), constant light (24L), equal durations of light and dark (12L:12D) and a reduced number of daylight hours (6L:18D) from hatching until the end of larval metamorphosis. Specimens were then kept under natural photoperiod conditions until 111 days(More)
The aim of this work was to evaluate the effects of prolonged starvation and refeeding on antioxidant status and some metabolic-related parameters in common dentex (Dentex dentex) liver. Fish deprived of food for 5 weeks showed a significant increase in lipid peroxidation, measured as malondialdehyde (MDA) levels. The activity of the antioxidative enzymes(More)
The particular metabolic strategies of the common dentex (Dentex dentex) to face a period of prolonged starvation and subsequent refeeding were assessed. Plasma metabolites, endogenous reserves, and the activity of key enzymes of intermediary metabolism in liver, white muscle, and heart were evaluated. Plasma glucose, total lipid, triglycerides, total-,(More)
In the present study, the nutritional value of Tetraselmis suecica and Tisochrysis lutea (previously known as Isochrysis aff galbana T-ISO strain) freeze-dried biomass for feeding Sparus aurata fry was evaluated. A total of 25,500 fry (3.7 mg body weight) were fed for 55 days on diets containing 5 and 10 % (w/w) Tetraselmis or Tisochrysis, as well as on a(More)
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