Emili Miedes

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Priority atomic multicast (i.e., total-order multicast) is a message delivery service that allows an application to prioritize the delivery of certain messages over others, while keeping the regular total order properties. Such a service can be used by applications of different types. As an example, such a priority-based message delivery service can be used(More)
This paper proposes a novel database replication algorithm that offers strong consistency (linearizable semantics) and allows reads and non-conflicting writes to execute in parallel in multiple replicas. The proposed algorithm supports the use of quorums to trade the availabil-ity/efficiency of read and write operations, making a bridge between(More)
Prioritized atomic multicast consists in delivering messages in total order while ensuring that the priorities of the messages are considered; i.e., messages with higher priorities are delivered first. That service can be used in multiple applications. An example is the usage of prioritization algorithms for reducing the transaction abort rates in(More)
A prioritized atomic multicast protocol allows an application to tag messages with a priority that expresses their urgency and tries to deliver first the ones with a higher priority. Such a service can be used with different applications in different settings. For instance, in a database replication context, such a service can be used to reduce the(More)
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