Emile van der Zee

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The Psychology of How We Perceive Time Marc Wittmann translated by Erik Butler An expert explores the riddle of subjective time, from why time speeds up as we grow older to the connection between time and consciousness. Episodic Memory and Our Knowledge of the Personal Past Kourken Michaelian Drawing on current research in psychology , a new philosophical(More)
This paper confirms that the English verb system (similar to the Finnish, Dutch, and Bulgarian verb systems [17, 22]) represents path curvature at three different grain levels: neutral path curvature, global path curvature, and local path curvature. We show that the three-grain-level hypothesis makes it possible to formulate constraints on English sentence(More)
This paper investigates the impact of geometrical and non-geometrical features on the use of the lexical concepts NEAR and FAR in English and Finnish. Participants' acceptability ratings for these concepts demonstrate that a bar in between a Figure and a Ground acts as a scale-setting object but not as a distance enhancing barrier, shows that the influence(More)
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