Emile M. Hoskinson

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We find that a temperature differential can drive superfluid oscillations in 4He. The oscillations are excited by a heater which causes a time dependent temperature differential across an array of 70 nm apertures. By measuring the oscillation frequency and simultaneously determining both temperature and pressure differentials we prove the validity of the(More)
Fundamental considerations predict that macroscopic quantum systems such as superfluids and the electrons in superconductors will undergo oscillatory motion when forced through a small constriction. Here we induce these oscillations in superfluid helium-4 (4He) by pushing it through an array of nanometre-sized apertures. The oscillations, which are detected(More)
Celebrated interference experiments have demonstrated the wave nature of light and electrons, quantum interference being the manifestation of wave-particle duality. More recently, double-path interference experiments have also demonstrated the quantum-wave nature of beams of neutrons, atoms and Bose-Einstein condensates. In condensed matter systems,(More)
We have designed a fully computer-controlled pulsed NMR system, using the National Instruments PCI-6115 data acquisition board. We use it for millikelvin thermometry and have developed a special control program, written in LabVIEW, for this purpose. It can perform measurements of temperature via the susceptibility or the t1 dependence. This system requires(More)
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