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This paper describes a testing conducted on a private IP/MPLS network of a Telecom operator during service introduction. We have applied DiffServ and E-LSP policies for bandwidth allocation for predefined classes of service (voice, video, data and VPN). We used a traffic generator to create the worst possible situations during the testing, and measured QoS(More)
Rationale for this paper is our opinion that in the future collaboration between ICT and humanistic sciences, today quite disjoint, it will be necessary to overcome technical details of networks (OSI seven layers) and define applications that are far beyond seventh layer. To achieve this goal we propose object oriented graphical language UML as a common(More)
This paper introduces a novel traffic scheduling policy whose objective is to maximize the profit of telecom operators. Telecommunication network management is reconsidered from the business point of view, introducing competition between users for resources of the telecom operators, in addition to existing competition between operators themselves. Business(More)
In this paper we describe in details UML modeling of login procedure, which is a part of UserBarCodeReader application, developed for large stores and intended for use as a customer support during the shopping session. Login procedure is realized within access control system, in this case over a wireless network. Paper gives the whole modeling and(More)
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