Emil S. Ochotta

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We present a new synthesis strategy that can automate fully the path from an analog circuit topology and performance specifications to a sized circuit schematic. This strategy relies on asymptotic waveform evaluation to predict circuit performance and simulated annealing to solve a novel unconstrained optimization formulation of the circuit synthesis(More)
We describe ASTRX/OBLX, a synthesis system that can size high-performance analog circuit topologies to meet usersupplied linear performance specifications without designer-supplied equations. We present synthesis results for a large suite of circuit benchmarks and show that, when compared to prior approaches, ASTRX/OBLX can synthesize high-performance(More)
In the development of new FPGA architectures, a designer must balance speed, density and routing flexibility. In this paper, we discuss a new FPGA architecture based on a patented [1], novel, segmented routing fabric that is targeted to high performance and predictability but does not sacrifice routability or area efficiency. Current segmented architectures(More)
Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) is increasingly popular as a set of techniques that can be used to initially analyze and design software. Unfortunately, OOAD is a relatively new concept and many large legacy systems predate it. This paper presents the approach one company followed in applying OOAD techniques to an existing 2.5 million line code(More)
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