Emil Reinold

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Cervical smears of 50 women who had an abortion were examined by dot-blot hybridization for human papillomavirus (HPV), herpes simplex virus (HSV) types 1 and 2, and cytomegalovirus (CMV) DNA. HPV DNA type 16 or 18 positivity was shown in 17.6% of the cases; in the aborted material, however, it amounted to 30.8%. IgM-positive titres were present in a few(More)
Women with a normal menstrual cycle (n = 21, controls), polycystic ovary syndrome (n = 10) and hypogonadotropic amenorrhea (n = 3) were stimulated with clomiphen-citrate (4th day to 8th day of the cycle) and with human menopausal gonadotropin (8th day to 11th day). The vascular impedance of the ovary carrying the dominant follicles was monitored by(More)
In a prospective study of 97 uncomplicated twin pregnancies, vaginosonographic cervix measurements of length, thickness and width of the internal os were performed. Furthermore, a group of 113 uncomplicated primipara was measured by vaginosonography. The twin pregnancies were examined sonographically at 4-5 week intervals between the 14th and 34th week of(More)
Twenty patients, showing retention cysts in vaginosonographic examination, were included in our study. We differentiated between superficial and deep located Nabothian cysts. Fourteen cases showed primarily visible superficial cysts, the other six could only be detected vaginosonographically. The Nabothian cysts varied in size from 4 to 26 mm, the average(More)
Psychological effects of an ultrasound exam in early pregnancy were assessed on 59 women (33 primiparae, 26 multiparae). The subjects were between their 12 to 18th week of pregnancy and did not have a prior ultrasound exam in the present pregnancy. Ultrasound was performed under high feedback conditions explaining the image on the screen thoroughly. After(More)
Bone density measurements of 14 individuals (early Bronze Age, 2200-1600 BC), analyzed by dual-energy absorptiometry, showed a distinct difference between women and men. In men, there was a high bone density (+17.9%-0.290 g/cm2 difference). In females, a constant decrease in bone density was found after the age of 20-25 years (from 1.2 g/cm2 at 20 years to(More)
In this study, the cervical length, thickness, the width of the internal os, the cervical canal and the external os of 62 primipara and 77 multipara were measured vaginosonographically. Only patients with normal pelvic scores were examined. The measurements were carried out approx. every fortnight between the 16th and 34th gestational week. In the primipara(More)
411 women who had dysplasia, selected from an ambulatory group as well as 240 women from a random control group were examined, by using cervical smears, which were initially diagnosed as human papilloma viruses-DNA (HPV-DNA) of the type 6/11, or 16/18, or 31/33/35. This was achieved by the in-situ nucleic acid hybridisation technique. The results of the(More)
In a prospective study of sonographic and radiographic methodologies we compared morphologic bladder data in 30 patients before and after stress incontinence surgery. 18 women were subject to colposuspension according to Burch due to recurrent stress incontinence, 12 women underwent anterior colporrhaphy. Visualisation of bladder, urethra and beta-angle was(More)