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Stratégia adaptívneho riadenia pre triedu nelineárneho rozvoja bioprocesov This paper presents the control problem of a class of propagation bioprocesses that are carried out in fixed bed reactors. Since the dynamics of these processes are described by partial differential equations, in order to obtain useful models for control purposes, a possible method(More)
In this paper we present an algorithm for nonlinear continuous-time model structural identifiability analysis. The method can be included in the transformation of nonlinear models framework of structural identifiability analysis and is based on test functions from distribution theory. So, the nonlinear continuous-time models are transformed in linear in(More)
A nonlinear adaptive controller for a class of nonlinear plants with incompletely known and time varying dynamics is presented. It is based on a recurrent neural network used as a dynamical model of the plant. The adaptive controller design is realized by using an input-output feedback linearizing technique. The model parameters, that is the controller(More)