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This paper addresses the problem of Bond Graph modelling of nonlinear bioprocesses. The rules for the design of pseudo Bond Graph models of some prototype bioprocesses — one batch and one continuous process — are obtained using the reaction schemes and the analysis of biochemical phenomena. These rules are applied in order to design the Bond(More)
This paper deals with the problem of on-line estimation of kinetic rates inside biological Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBRs). Two wastewater treatment bioprocesses that are carried out inside SBRs are taken into consideration. These biotechnological processes are highly nonlinear and, furthermore, the available on-line measurements are lack and the reaction(More)
Stratégia adaptívneho riadenia pre triedu nelineárneho rozvoja bioprocesov This paper presents the control problem of a class of propagation bioprocesses that are carried out in fixed bed reactors. Since the dynamics of these processes are described by partial differential equations, in order to obtain useful models for control purposes, a possible method(More)
A nonlinear adaptive controller for a class of nonlinear plants with incompletely known and time varying dynamics is presented. It is based on a recurrent neural network used as a dynamical model of the plant. The adaptive controller design is realized by using an input-output feedback linearizing technique. The model parameters, that is the controller(More)
This paper presents a specialized device, Slave, part of the monitoring system of local antihail units for rockets launch. This device ensures correct communication between local units and central command unit. The first part sets Slave device position in the monitoring system, and then there it is a detailed description of the hardware parts of the device.(More)
This paper addresses the design of an adaptive control strategy for an alcoholic fermentation bioprocess, which takes place inside of a Fed-batch Bioreactor (FBB). This bioprocess is highly nonlinear, some state variables are not measurable and moreover the reaction kinetics is not perfectly known. The kinetic parameters are estimated by using a high-gain(More)