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Direkt Profil is an automatic analyzer of texts written in French as a second language. Its objective is to produce an evaluation of the developmental stage of students under the form of a grammatical learner profile. Direkt Profil carries out a sentence analysis based on developmental sequences, i.e. local morphosyntactic phenomena linked to a development(More)
For more than a decade, supersample anti-aliasing (SSAA) and multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA) have been the gold-standard anti-aliasing solutions in games. However, these techniques are not well suited for deferred shading or fixed environments like the current generation of consoles. In recent years, industry and academia have been exploring alternative(More)
This course is presented in four sections. The first two presentations show how huge data sets can be streamed and displayed in real time for virtual-globe rendering inside a web browser. Topics include pre-processing, storage, and transmission of real-world data, plus cache hierarchies and efficient culling algorithms. The third section reviews content(More)
We experimentally and theoretically demonstrate a self-referenced wave-function retrieval of a valence-electron wave packet during its creation by strong-field ionization with a sculpted laser field. Key is the control over interferences arising at different time scales. Our work shows that the measurement of subcycle electron wave-packet interference(More)
The importance of computer learner corpora for research in both second language acquisition and foreign language teaching is rapidly increasing. Computer learner corpora can provide us with data to describe the learner's interlanguage system at different points of its development and they can be used to create pedagogical tools. In this paper, we first(More)
Creating vast game environments introduces several complex issues that are not present in smaller game worlds. As the size of the world grows issues with floating point precision arise, causing objects to jitter, simulation to become unstable, and rendering to exhibit artifacts. These problems were very apparent during development of Just Cause 2 and had to(More)
Direkt Profil : un système d'évaluation de textes d'élèves de français langue étrangère fondé sur les itinéraires d'acquisition Résumé : Direkt Profil est un analyseur automatique de textes écrits en français comme langue étrangère. Son but est de produire une évaluation du stade de langue des élèves sous la forme d'un profil d'apprenant. Direkt Profil(More)
Doing research is a costly and time consuming activity with uncertain return on investment. For small or independent studios without substantial financial backing it can be hard to motivate engaging in research. Today few game studios have dedicated research personnel, even among AAA. Most games are produced either with an off-the-shelf licensed game(More)