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We describe a family of MPI applications we call the Parallel Unix Commands. These commands are natural parallel versions of common Unix user commands such as ls, ps, and find, together with a few similar commands particular to the parallel environment.We describe the design and implementation of these programs and present some performance results on a(More)
In this paper, we broaden the applicability of peer-topeer storage infrastructures to weakly-connected clients. We present a client-side technique that exploits the commonality between consecutive versions of a file to reduce the bandwidth required to store and retrieve files in a peerto-peer storage infrastructure. We then present a novel data structure(More)
We develop a method for generating shared, secret, safe primes applicable to use in threshold RSA signature schemes such as the one developed by Shoup. We would like a scheme usable in practical settings, so our protocol is robust and efficient in asynchronous, hostile environments. We show that the techniques used for robustness need special care when they(More)
Static source code analysis and software fault injection are two popular approaches to testing and verifying the robustness of software. We chose a set of commonly-used applications: CUPS, Berkeley DB, the GNU file utilities, Apache, MySQL, sudo and zlib, and tested them with both static analysis and fault injection tools to discover errors. The results of(More)
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