Emil Lobkovsky

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Molecular nitrogen is relatively inert owing to the strength of its triple bond, nonpolarity and high ionization potential. As a result, the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia under mild conditions has remained a challenge to chemists for more than a century. Although the Haber-Bosch process produces over 100 million tons of ammonia annually for(More)
The title compound, [Ru(NCCH(3))(6)](CH(6)B(11)Br(6))(2)·CH(3)CN, consists of the 'naked' ruthenium(II) cation surrounded by six acetonitrile mol-ecules, each coordinated via the nitro-gen atoms in a linear or nearly-linear fashion in a typical octa-hedral over-all arrangement. The cation is balanced by the two hexa-bromo-carborane cage anionic fragments(More)
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