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The presence and degree of pancreatic necrosis (30%, 50%, or greater than 50%) was evaluated by means of bolus injection of contrast material and dynamic sequential computed tomography (CT) in 88 patients with acute pancreatitis at initial and follow-up examinations. Pancreatic necrosis was defined as lack of enhancement of all or a portion of the gland.(More)
In 19 patients with closed-loop intestinal obstruction, including 16 patients with strangulating obstruction, the findings at examination with computed tomography (CT) were retrospectively correlated with the surgical and pathologic findings and evaluated by two radiologists. Signs of closed-loop obstruction, present in 15 patients, were associated with the(More)
The experience accumulated in daily abdominal CT scanning and CT evaluation of gastrointestinal lesions has generated helpful technical guidelines and some reliable principles of interpretation. These general principles are briefly discussed in this review, and the importance of performing a CT examination that is adequate for the detection and evaluation(More)
The CT and radiologic findings in 11 patients (five with AIDS and six without AIDS) with ileocecal tuberculosis are described. On CT scans, five cases showed mild circumferential wall thickening of the terminal ileum and cecum, thickening of the ileocecal valve, and a few regional nodes. One case presented as nonspecific small-bowel obstruction. In five(More)
Our experience based on the analysis of 12 proved cases of gallstone ileus is presented emphasizing the fact that the plain abdominal roentgenogram may be inconclusive or deceiving. It allowed us to suggest the correct diagnosis in only 4 cases. A high index of suspicion, particularly in elderly female patients, followed by barium examination of the upper(More)
Ultrasound was correlated with angiography for assessment of tumor extension to the intrahepatic inferior vena cava, hepatic veins, and portal vein branches in 15 cases of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and 85 cases of hepatic metastases. Sonography revealed intraluminal tumor thrombus in 5 cases of HCC (33%), which were confirmed by angiography(More)
From 275 computed tomographic (CT) examinations with positive findings of abdominal lymphoma, 26 patients were found to have gastrointestinal involvement by the disease. The stomach was most commonly involved, followed by small bowel, colon, and duodenum. CT was found to be accurate in detecting wall thickening and complications such as perforation and(More)
Computed tomographic scans of 34 patients with ovarian metastases were reviewed to assess the radiographic appearances and to correlate these with the primary neoplasms. Primary neoplasms were located in the colon (20 patients), breast (six), stomach (five), small bowel (one), bladder (one), and Wilms tumor of the kidney (one). The radiographic appearance(More)
Treatment of patients with acute pancreatitis is based on the initial assessment of disease severity. Severe pancreatitis occurs in 20%-30% of all patients with acute pancreatitis and is characterized by a protracted clinical course, multiorgan failure, and pancreatic necrosis. Early staging is based on the presence and degree of systemic failure(More)