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DEFINITIONS In the last decade, knowledge flow has been defined in various ways in the knowledge management literature. Newman and Conrad (1999) characterize it as " processes, events and activities through which data, information, knowledge and meta-knowledge are transformed from one state to another ". Further, they define a knowledge model framework that(More)
Immobilization stress induced catecholamines level changes were studied in brain nuclei, taking part in blood pressure central regulation in rats with different zoosocial position. The significant differences in catecholamines level between the zoosocial groups of rats were shown in dopamine synthesized hypothalamic nuclei-n. arcuatus, n. periventricularis(More)
A modified open-field test was used in the experiments on rats. It was shown that animals 6 days after bilateral coagulation of locus coeruleus displayed weight changes and some behavioural parameters distinct from those of sham-operated and control animals. The most pronounced differences observed in animals after locus coeruleus coagulation, as compared(More)
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