Emil A Cordoş

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One of the most important actual problems in the gas detection field is that there are strong demands for gas methane leak detection and CO (carbon monoxide) detection to prevent explosions or CO poisoning accidents. In this sense, the present paper describes technical characteristics, test results, and a concluding application for methane and carbon(More)
A new analytical system consisting of a low power capacitively coupled plasma microtorch (20 W, 13.56 MHz, 150 ml min(-1) Ar) and a microspectrometer was investigated for the Hg determination in non- and biodegradable materials by cold-vapor generation, using SnCl(2) reductant, and atomic emission spectrometry. The investigated miniaturized system was used(More)
The excitation temperatures of Ar and Fe, the ionization temperatures of Ar and Ca and the electron number densities have been determined for a radiofrequency capacitively coupled plasma in the tip-ring electrode geometry. The temperatures and the electron number densities possess their maximum value close to the electrodes.
A radiofrequency capacitively coupled Ar plasma, obtained with a molybdenum tubular electrode placed inside a quartz tube and one or two copper ring electrodes placed outside the tube, was used as spectral source for determination of atoms, ions and molecular radicals of calcium. A simultaneous spectrometer equipped with a photodiode array was used for(More)
A radiofrequency capacitively coupled plasma (rf CCP) with tip-ring electrode geometry has been used for the analysis of Al, Co, Cr, Cu, Mn, Mo, Ni, and V in low and medium alloyed steel. The sample is used as one of the electrodes of the plasma torch. The influence of plasma power, argon flow rate and distance between the electrodes on the analytical(More)
A low to medium power radiofrequency capacitively coupled plasma is characterized as spectral source for atomic emission. The signal to background ratio and the limits of detection were determined for 19 elements as a function of the plasma torch geometry and the observation point.
One of the most important actual problems is to prevent the explosions due to the combustible gases accumulations and intoxications due to the toxic gases accumulations and/or leakages. In this sense, the present paper describes a combustible and toxic gases monitor that prevents the accidental explosions and intoxications due to the gases leakages. The(More)
An important concern for human health is the uptake of contaminants by plants from soil and their consumption by humans. The concentrations of heavy metals (lead, copper, cadmium) in the soil and plant samples collected from a village near sedimentation ponds, north-western Romania have been determined by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission(More)
Voltammetry of immobilized microparticles was used to find arsenic and heavy metals in contaminated soils from areas with long history of industrial development. Traditional sample dissolution and extraction procedures are time consuming and might distort the chemical equilibrium of the sample causing a change in the original physicochemical forms of(More)