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AcrAB of Escherichia coli, an archetype among bacterial multidrug efflux pumps, exports an extremely wide range of substrates including solvents, dyes, detergents and antimicrobial agents. Its expression is regulated by three XylS/AraC family regulators, MarA, SoxS and Rob. Although MarA and SoxS regulation works by the alteration of their own expression(More)
A B s T R A c T Nutrients usually cross the outer membrane of Escherichia coli by diffusion through water-filled channels surrounded by a specific class of protein, porins. In this study, the rates of diffusion of hydrophilic nonelectrolytes, mostly sugars and sugar alcohols, through the porin channels were determined in two systems, (a) vesicles(More)
Membranes rich in junction complexes were prepared from bovine lens, and the fragments of the membranes were reconstituted into proteoliposomes with a large excess of phosphatidylcholine and dicetylphosphate. The osmotic swelling behavior of these liposomes showed that the lens junction membranes contributed protein components that produced channels with a(More)
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