Emiko Ishiwata

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A cell line designated “HIBSPP” was established from a human malignant choroids plexus papilloma of 29-year-old Japanese woman. This line grew well without interruption for 3 years and was subcultivated over 70 times. The cells were spindle, oval, and polygonal in shape, and neoplastic and pleomorphic features, a jigsaw puzzle-like arrangement,(More)
In this paper, we consider the following logistic equation with piecewise constant arguments: { dN(t) dt = rN(t){1− ∑m j=0 ajN([t− j])}, t ≥ 0, m ≥ 1, N(0) = N0 > 0, N(−j) = N−j ≥ 0, j = 1, 2, · · · ,m, where r > 0, a0, a1, · · · , am ≥ 0 and m ∑ j=0 aj > 0, and [t] means the maximal integer not greater than t. The sequence {Nn}∞n=0, where Nn = N(n), n = 0,(More)
In this paper, we extend the recent results of H. Brunner in BIT (1997) for the DDE y′(t)= by(qt), y(0)=1 and the DVIE y(t)=1+∫0 t by(qs)ds with proportional delay qt, 0<q≤1, to the neutral functional-differential equation (NFDE): and the delay Volterra integro-differential equation (DVIDE) : with proportional delays p i t and q i t, 0<p i ,q i ≤1 and(More)
A cell line designated HTLS was established from the retroperitoneal liposarcoma. The HTLS line showed stable proliferation without interruption for 2 years and subcultivated over 35 times. The cells were elongated fibrous and spindle in shape, and neoplastic and pleomorphic features. The multinucleated giant cells with he cytoplasm were seen. The cells(More)
When floating point arithmetic is used in numerical computation, cancellation of significant digits, round-off errors and information loss cannot be avoided. In some cases it becomes necessary to use multiple precision arithmetic; however some operations of this arithmetic are difficult to implement within conventional computing environments. In this paper(More)
To verify computation results of double precision arithmetic, a high precision arithmetic environment is needed. However, it is difficult to use high precision arithmetic in ordinary computing environments without any special hardware or libraries. Hence, we designed the quadruple precision arithmetic environment QuPAT on Scilab to satisfy the following(More)
We placed on culture the 13 cases of meningiomas, succeeded in making a primary culture of 10 cases and maintained 5 cases in vitro over considerable period of time (over three month), and one cell line derived from a malignant meningioma were established. In the early period of the primary culture, meningiorna cells were spindle- or round-shaped cells. In(More)