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Spontaneous subperiosteal hematoma of the orbit is extremely rare. This is a case of an 81-year-old woman. The presenting symptom was protrusion of the right eye with severe intraorbital pain. Computed tomography scanning showed a high-density area in the upper part of the right orbit, which, at operation, was found to be a subperiosteal hematoma of the(More)
Intracerebral schwannoma is very rare, and only nine cases of solitary intracerebral schwannoma have been reported since the first description by Gibson et al, in 1966. This report is the first case of multiple intracerebral schwannomas in Japan. Intracranial extracerebral schwannomas in von Recklinghausen's disease are sometimes encountered, but(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to investigate the outcomes of gemcitabine-treated patients with inoperable biliary tract cancers. METHODS We conducted a retrospective study of consecutively treated 22 inoperable biliary tract cancer patients with gemcitabine (500-1,000 mg/m(2) on days 1, 8, 15 every 4 weeks) as first-line, and 17 patients as second-(More)
Pregnancy complicated with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) is rare and case management is controversial. We report six cases of MDS that were successfully managed during pregnancy including uneventful transvaginal delivery and satisfactory postpartum clinical prognosis. Two patients with MDS who became pregnant twice had normal uneventful deliveries showing(More)
In the past five years, the authors have performed stereotactic evacuation of hypertensive thalamic hematoma using Komai's CT-stereotactic apparatus in 44 cases. Liquefied hematoma was aspirated through a stereotactic cannula, and solid hematoma difficult to aspirate was dissolved by a plasminogen activator (Urokinase) and drained out through a silastic(More)
Four lesions in three patients with so-called vanishing tumor of the stomach are described. Two patients had one lesion each and the third patient two lesions. The lesions were localized in the gastric cardia, angle, and antrum. Radiological findings of these tumors showed a round tumor with smooth surface and regular margins. The edges of the tumors were(More)