Emiel van Miltenburg

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We provide a qualitative analysis of the descriptions containing negations (no, not, n't, nobody, etc) in the Flickr30K corpus , and a categorization of negation uses. Based on this analysis, we provide a set of requirements that an image description system should have in order to generate negation sentences. As a pilot experiment, we used our(More)
This research proposal discusses pragmatic factors in image description, arguing that current automatic image description systems do not take these factors into account. I present a general model of the human image description process, and propose to study this process using corpus analysis, experiments, and computational modeling. This will lead to a(More)
In recent years we have seen rapid and significant progress in automatic image description but what are the open problems in this area? Most work has been evaluated using text-based similarity metrics, which only indicate that there have been improvements, without explaining what has improved. In this paper, we present a detailed error analysis of the(More)
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