Emiel Rorije

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A project for the development of Structure-Activity Relationship for Biodegradation is presented. The aim of the project is to assemble sets of structural rules governing the potential microbial degradability of (classes of) chemicals. These rules will provide tools to take into account the biodegradation aspects of a product--and all precursors in the(More)
In environmental risk assessment, Species Sensitivity Distributions (SSDs) can be applied to estimate a PNEC (Predicted No-Effect Concentration) for a chemical substance, when sufficient data on species toxicities are available. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) recommendation is 10 biological species. The question addressed in this paper, is whether(More)
In this study a systematic analysis of the predictive capabilities of models built with backpropagation neural networks (BPNN) is made to corroborate the hypothesis that BPNN is capable of modeling the interaction terms in group contribution models, without explicitly adding these as descriptors. The data used for comparison are reactivities of 275 organic(More)
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