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A 210kDa protein named GANP is upregulated in germinal center (GC)-B cells in the spleen of antigen-immunized mouse. We studied a human ganp gene (hganp) encoding a putative polypeptide of 1980 amino acids. The carboxyl-terminal 721-amino-acid sequence of hGANP is identical to Map80, that is presumably generated by alternative splicing of hganp/Map80 gene.(More)
It is well-known that DNA binding of native nine zinc-finger protein TEIIIA is dominated by interaction of select few fingers. Newly designed zinc-finger peptide Sp1ZF9 containing nine Cys2-His2 type motifs has been manipulated. The DNA-binding property of Sp1ZF9 was compared with those of native three zinc-finger Sp1(530-623) and artificial six zinc-finger(More)
BACKGROUND Fluid control in patients on dialysis is an important predictor of outcome but is a difficult restriction to achieve. The authors examined the association between dialysis staff encouragement and fluid control adherence in patients on hemodialysis. METHODS This cross-sectional study used the dialysis staff encouragement subscale (DSE). The(More)
The RNA interference (RNAi) mechanism is a recently observed process in which the introduction of a double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) into a cell causes the specific degradation of an mRNA containing the same sequence. The 21-23 nt guide RNAs, generated by RNase III cleavage from longer dsRNAs, are associated with sequence-specific mRNA degradation. Here, we show(More)
Antigen (Ag) immunization induces formation of the germinal center (GC), with large, rapidly proliferating centroblasts in the dark zone, and small, nondividing centrocytes in the light zone. We identified a novel nuclear protein, GANP, that is up-regulated in centrocytes. We found that GANP was up-regulated in GC B cells of Peyer's patches in normal mice(More)
New six zinc finger protein DSp1 was created by connecting two Sp1 DNA binding domains. The DNA recognition characteristics of DSp1 demonstrate that (1) this multi finger protein binds eighteen contiguous base pairs of DNA sequence, (2) each zinc finger wraps around DNA major groove, and (3) two Sp1 domains have nonequivalent contribution to the DNA binding(More)
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