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BACKGROUND Sudden cardiac death in competitive athletes is rare but it is significantly more frequent than in the normal population. The exact cause is seldom established and is mostly attributed to ventricular fibrillation. Myocardial hypertrophy and slow heart rate, both characteristic changes in top athletes in response to physical conditioning, could be(More)
SUMMARY Osteoporosis, a public health problem, is mainly determined on the basis of bone mineral density (BMD). The rs1800247 polymorphism of the osteocalcin gene is associated with BMD. The results of one recent Polish study led us to the examination of a possible connection between polymorphism and bone ultrasound parameters in the Hungarian population,(More)
The low availability of donor organs requires long-term successful transplantation as an accepted therapy for patients with end-stage renal and liver diseases. The health benefits of regular physical activity are well known among healthy individuals as well as patients under rehabilitation programs. Our aim was to describe the cardiorespiratory capacity of(More)
Backround: Osteoporosis is a common disease and physical activity (PA) has a favourable influence on bone status. AIM To establish normative data for calcaneal quantitative ultrasound (QUS) bone characteristics in children and to analyse the relationships between PA, anthropometric and bone parameters. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Hungarian children aged 7-19(More)
The aim of the study was to determine the importance of two sport-associated gene polymorphisms, alpha-actinin-3 R577X (ACTN3) and angiotensin-converting enzyme I/D (ACE), among Hungarian athletes in different sports. The examination was carried out only on women (n = 100). Sport-specific groups were formed in order to guarantee the most homogeneous(More)
BACKGROUND Physical activity and adequate calcium intake have favourable influences on the bone status, while body structure and function can be altered with lifestyle changes. The use of portable quantitative ultrasound measurements provides a non-invasive method of evaluating bone characteristics. AIM To analyze relationships between physical activity,(More)
INTRODUCTION There is a large variety of body fat (BF) measurements, which differ in validity and reliability. The aim of this study was to measure subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) using ultrasound (US) in highly trained junior rowers in a field setting, establish fat patterning profiles, and compare the profiles between male and female athletes. Skinfold(More)
OBJECTIVE Our objective was to evaluate complex hormonal response in ball game and cyclic sport elite athletes through an incremental treadmill test, since, so far, variables in experimental procedures have often hampered comparisons of data. METHODS We determined anthropometric data, heart rate, maximal oxygen uptake, workload, plasma levels of lactate,(More)
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