Emese-Éva Bálint

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Two histidines were introduced by site-directed mutagenesis into the structure of Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein, replacing the serine at position 202 and the glutamine at position 204 for increasing the sensitivity of the protein towards different metal ions by creating possible metal binding sites near the chromophore group. There is no appreciable(More)
Elevated levels of mutant forms of the p53 tumor suppressor are a hallmark of many transformed cells. Multiple mechanisms such as increased stability of the protein and increased transcription of the gene can account for elevated p53 expression. Recent findings indicate that c-Myc/Max heterodimers can bind to an essential CA(C/T)GTG-containing site in the(More)
Mutations and elevated levels of the p53 tumor suppressor protein have been reported in Burkitt's lymphomas (BL). We investigated whether elevated levels of the mutant p53 protein can be due to transcriptional or posttranscriptional mechanisms. In surveying a series of B-lymphoid cell lines, we found that a high level of the p53 protein tended to reflect(More)
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