Emerson L. Stone

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During the next decade, pediatricians will confront the difficult challenge of providing quality health care services to more children with more diverse and difficult problems, and they will have little or no additional funding to accomplish this task. Despite earlier predictions of surpluses in the pediatric work force, there are now shortages that will(More)
Public-Academic Liaison research centers (PALs) have traditionally provided benefits to both state mental health authorities (SMHAs) and academic institutions. The advent of managed care, austere state fiscal budgets, and a restructured national research development capacity suggests the need for new administrative approaches to PAL research efforts to(More)
It has been estimated that about thirty-five per cent of all women in the child-bearing age suffer from dysmenorrhea in some form. This single fact is sufficient to justify an earnest effort to improve our understanding of its causes and treatment. Too often the condition has been regarded solely as a symptom, deserving only of symptomatic treatment,(More)
Spirochaetes and Actinomycetes admitted into a "Textbook of Bacteriology," why exclude the Sporozoa and the Trypanosomes? Should we not rather adopt the teaching of Theobald Smith with emphasis on "parasitism" as a major biological fact, presenting all parasites wherever found in either the animal or vegetable kingdom? I must also record that less attention(More)
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