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EPSRC/DETR LINK project GR/N12770 The CIMclad project is funded under the Innovative Manufacturing Initiative: Meeting Clients' Needs Through Standardisation. In addition to the two academic partners, the project involves a significant number of partners whose input to this report is gratefully acknowledged as are input from other sources. For more details(More)
Cladding sector road map for realising the CIM vision Abstract This paper lays out a road map for computer-integrated design and manufacture of building-specific cladding systems, describing the key implementation phases and highlighting domains (supply chain organization, software vendors, suppliers, process modellers, etc) involved in each phase. It takes(More)
The cladding of a modern building is a critical, and expensive, specialist subsystem of the total building. This paper is concerned with modelling the supply chain processes within the building cladding sector of the UK construction industry. The modelling was conducted within the context of CIMclad, a research project involving a consortia of universities(More)
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