Emanuele Ugolotti

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This paper deals with the definition of an automatic tool to develop digital equalization systems for car cockpits. The main purpose is to design a digital audio processor suitable for any car compartment, whose programming parameters can be computed with a development tool, which relies only on on standard acoustic measurements performed in the target car(More)
Broadband graphene oxide/PVA films were used as saturable absorbers (SAs) for mode locking erbium-doped fiber laser (EDFL) and ytterbium-doped fiber laser (YDFL) at 1.06 μm and 1.55 μm. They provide modulation depths of 3.15% and 6.2% for EDFL and YDFL, respectively. Stable self-starting mode-locked pulses are obtained for both lasers, confirming that the(More)
Sound reproduction within a car inside is a difficult task. Reverberation, reflection, echo, noise and vibration are some of the issues to account for. A first step in the direction of increasing sound comfort is that of equalizing the acoustic pressure response in the frequency domain. A direct solution is that of implementing with a convolution filter the(More)
In this paper a non-linear loudspeaker model, which accurately reproduces the low frequency behavior, is presented. This description, derived from an extension of the well known Small-Thiele equations, requires far less computational time and memory space than generic non linear structures. Moreover a noticeable further reduction of the number of operations(More)
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