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In this article we present a new and more accurate model for the prediction of the solubility of proteins overexpressed in the bacterium Escherichia coli. The model uses the statistical technique of logistic regression. To build this model, 32 parameters that could potentially correlate well with solubility were used. In addition, the protein database was(More)
The introduction of the Quality-by-Design (QbD) initiative and of the Process Analytical Technology (PAT) framework by the Food and Drug Administration has opened the route to the use of systematic and science-based approaches to support pharmaceutical development and manufacturing activities. In this review we discuss the role that latent variable models(More)
Streamlining the manufacturing process has been recognized as a key issue to reduce production costs and improve safety in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Although data available from earlier developmental stages are often sparse and unstructured, they can be very useful to improve the understanding about the process under development. In this paper, a(More)
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