Emanuele Ragnoli

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There are many simulation codes in the geosciences that are serial and cannot take advantage of the parallel computational resources commonly available today. One model important for our work in coastal ocean current modelling is EFDC, a Fortran 77 code configured for optimal deployment on vector computers. In order to take advantage of our cache-based,(More)
We consider robust optimization for polynomial optimization problems where the uncertainty set is a set of candidate probability density functions. This set is a ball around a density function estimated from data samples, i.e., it is data-driven and random. Polynomial optimization problems are inherently hard due to nonconvex objectives and constraints.(More)
In this work a novel strategy that combines Domain Decomposition, Differential Algebraic Equations (DAE) and Minimax Estimation is created to contruct a numerical solution for a linear non stationary advection-diffusion equation. The proposed approach helps to control the error introduced by Domain Decomposition and FEM discretisation and allows to combine(More)
The standard formulation of linear shift-invariant feedback systems in the doubly infinite time axis setting lacks self-consistency with seemingly irreconcilable difficulties having been identified when the system is open-loop unstable. The available options for circumventing these difficulties for discrete-time SISO systems are highlighted and the manner(More)
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