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The interplay between anatomical connectivity and dynamics in neural networks plays a key role in the functional properties of the brain and in the associated connectivity changes induced by neural diseases. However, a detailed experimental investigation of this interplay at both cellular and population scales in the living brain is limited by(More)
The development, connectivity, and structural plasticity of neuronal networks largely depend on the directional growth of axonal growth cones (GCs). The morphology and 3-D profile of axons and GCs of primary hippocampal neurons, grown onto glass surfaces coated with poly-D-lysine (PDL) and micropatterned with stripes of the adhesion molecule L1 by using the(More)
OBJECTIVE Cochlear implants (CIs) have become the gold standard treatment for deafness. These neuroprosthetic devices feature a linear electrode array, surgically inserted into the cochlea, and function by directly stimulating the auditory neurons located within the spiral ganglion, bypassing lost or not-functioning hair cells. Despite their success, some(More)
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