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The authors report the results obtained with color Doppler sonography in the study of breast conditions. Color Doppler allows to detect the following main features in breast conditions: the presence of blood flow, vessel arrangement, vascularization extent, the number of vascular poles. To investigate slow flows, it is better to use low PRF values (not(More)
The interplay between anatomical connectivity and dynamics in neural networks plays a key role in the functional properties of the brain and in the associated connectivity changes induced by neural diseases. However, a detailed experimental investigation of this interplay at both cellular and population scales in the living brain is limited by(More)
This study reports on a microfluidic platform on which single multicellular spheroids from malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM), an aggressive tumor with poor prognosis, can be loaded, trapped and tested for chemotherapeutic drug response. A new method to detect the spheroid viability cultured on the microfluidic chip as a function of the drug concentration(More)
Phenolic compounds are found in both free and bound forms in cereals. The majority is in the insoluble bound form, that is, bound to cell wall material, such as ferulic acid and its derivatives. The antioxidant properties of the phenolic compounds in grains are associated with the health benefits of grains and grain products. The extraction capacity of(More)
Different lines of evidence suggest that higher intake of fiber may somehow protect against metabolic syndrome. The prebiotic inulin has widely been studied in relation to its putative beneficial effects on lipid and glucose metabolism. Therefore, adding inulin to diet may be a suitable strategy to prevent metabolic syndrome. Aim of the present study was to(More)
Two innovative microwave hydrolysis procedures for rapidly detecting meso-diaminopimelic acid in lactic acid bacteria have been developed. Whole-cell hydrolysis was performed both in liquid phase and vapor phase with 6 N HCl in sealed vessels using a microwave oven equipped with pressure and temperature probes. The presence or absence of meso-diaminopimelic(More)
OBJECTIVE Osteoarthritis (OA) is a disease that limits the mobility of patients and is of considerable economical importance. Up to now, despite the increasing number of patients with OA, treatments to manage the disease remain symptomatic, designed to control pain, and improve function and quality of life limiting adverse events. With the aim to explore a(More)
European Paleolithic subsistence is assumed to have been largely based on animal protein and fat, whereas evidence for plant consumption is rare. We present evidence of starch grains from various wild plants on the surfaces of grinding tools at the sites of Bilancino II (Italy), Kostenki 16-Uglyanka (Russia), and Pavlov VI (Czech Republic). The samples(More)
The ability of neurons to extend projections and to form physical connections among them (i.e., "connect-ability") is altered in several neuropathologies. The quantification of these alterations is an important read-out to investigate pathogenic mechanisms and for research and development of neuropharmacological therapies, however current morphological(More)
AIM Our group has previously shown that the administration of pasta enriched along with the prebiotic inulin induces a significant reduction in triglyceride and glucose levels with a significant delay in gastric emptying (GE) rates. This protective effect may occur by affecting the release of a number of gut peptides involved in the control of(More)