Emanuele Marchetti

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Dermoid and epidermoid cysts are developmental pathologies that occur in the head and neck with an incidence ranging from 1.6 to 6.9%, and they represent less than 0.01% of all oral cavity cysts. Our purpose is to report a case of sublingual epidermoid cyst of the floor of the mouth. We studied and operated on an 18-year-old white male patient showing a(More)
[1] Infrasonic array data collected at K lauea Volcano, Hawai’i, during November 12–21, 2002 indicate that the active vents and lava tube system near the P‘u ‘O ‘o vent complex emit almost continuous infrasound in the 0.3– 10 Hz frequency band. The spectral content of these infrasonic signals matches well that of synchronous seismic tremor. In sites(More)
Effusive eruptions are explained as the mechanism by which volcanoes restore the equilibrium perturbed by magma rising in a chamber deep in the crust. Seismic, ground deformation and topographic measurements are compared with effusion rate during the 2007 Stromboli eruption, drawing an eruptive scenario that shifts our attention from the interior of the(More)
Volcanic explosions release large amounts of hot gas and ash into the atmosphere to form plumes rising several kilometers above eruptive vents, which can pose serious risk on human health and aviation also at several thousands of kilometers from the volcanic source. However the most sophisticate atmospheric models and eruptive plume dynamics require input(More)
Effusive eruptions at open-conduit volcanoes are interpreted as reactions to a disequilibrium induced by the increase in magma supply. By comparing four of the most recent effusive eruptions at Stromboli volcano (Italy), we show how the volumes of lava discharged during each eruption are linearly correlated to the topographic positions of the effusive(More)
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